The Power of Play, a blog about the HPO Indie Series process by Hanna Bech.

Let’s start with a song lyric.

Love of mine, I know doubt catches your ear
But Freedom flies in the face of fear.
                Butterfly, by Hanna Bech and Lia LeVie

For me, this rings true. As a human who has worked her way through a panic disorder (an ongoing journey, I assure you) I have come to be grateful for my anxiety. If I know nothing else, I know if I am scared out of my wits, this particular thing matters a whole lot to me.  So, do it anyways.

How do you do it anyways?

You find ways to play and enjoy yourself so much that you (at least sometimes) forget.

Perform and write pieces that you enjoy with all of your being (if at all possible).

Put playful stories in your music like Pirates of Love, and DEATH wearing pink party pants.

Indulge in enjoying the beauty (of the poetry; the harp, vocal harmonies, the melodic line of the cello; in wondering how double reeds can be so haunting when they kind of sound like ducks)

When pieces have notes that scare you (ie. HIGH!, really long, or your “trouble” note) distract yourself with scarves or by throwing paper airplanes

Choose to work with humans who bring you so much joy you get called out for having a female bromance… is that not just a friendship?

Choose to work with humans who talk it out/ read that article you send them when something isn’t working.  Trust. It’s huge.

Try and make an opera piece a sing-along.

When you are open to fun, it finds you. Oh look, there I go again – talking like the poet I am.

I am incredibly honoured for this whole journey and experience, and for the growth it has given me as an artist and how it has brought myself and my colleagues closer together. I would also like to acknowledge that I am lucky enough to afford the privilege of time and space to take care of myself. We say that Hamilton is a place where you can do anything – let’s work together to keep it that way.

I leave you with one more lyric about Hamilton:

 I am not the New Brooklyn
 Can you keep your gentrification from pushing us out?
 ‘Cause we climbed up the backs of men, while they
 Climbed up smoke stacks filled with medical equipment and art.
                Worn Leather Shoe (The Hamilton Song) Hanna Bech