Meet Michael Fedyshyn

Q: When did you start playing?
A: Started piano at age 10, guitar at 11, and trumpet at 12.

Q: What made you choose your instrument?
A: My grandmother played records for me: Bach, Beethoven, Maurice Andre, and also bought my first horns for me, and as well the elementary school I attended had a pretty good band program.

Q: What is your most memorable HPO experience?
A: Strauss’ “Four Last Songs” w/ Monica Whicher was a really special performance; also performing “Quiet City” by Aaron Copland w/ my great colleague Nancy Nelson was very rewarding.

Q: What kind of things do you like to do when you’re not playing?
A: Road Cycling, travelling, spending time with my family.

Q: Who is your favourite composer to play or listen to?
A: It’s always easy for me to get wrapped up in Mahler, Brahms or Puccini.

Q: Favourite book? Movie?
A: One of my favourites would have to be Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy” along with Bill Brysons’ “A Short History of Nearly Everything”. As for movies, “High Fidelity” is up there, along with “Blade Runner”.

Q: Do you have a secret indulgence?
A: Xbox

Q: Who was your hero when you were 10? Who is your hero now?
A: Jacques Cousteau and Han Solo: they both had their own ship! Now: Carl Sagan and Jens Voigt, for their infectious and unfailing enthusiasm. Hearing either of them speak is entirely inspirational.