Elizabeth Loewen Andrews holds the position of Second Violin with the HPO and First Violin in the Windermere String Quartet, an ensemble that also includes HPO Cellist Laura Jones. Elizabeth demonstrates her musical versatility, at home in both period and modern performance. Her interests, as well as her experience in solo, chamber and orchestral performance, have brought her opportunities to perform around the world. Read the Q&A with Elizabeth below to discover more about the musicians that make up your HPO.

What are you most looking forward to in the 2015-16 Season?
I didn’t get to play the Cirque de la Symphony concert last year, so I am thrilled that I get to this time around!

Why did you choose to take up the violin?
When I was in nursery school, one of the Toronto Symphony ensembles performed. At the ripe old age of 3, I informed my parents that I wanted to play the violin!

What can you tell us about your violin?
I play a really beautiful instrument by Matias Thirs, from 1785 Vienna. It’s not a loud instrument, but had a wonderful warm tone. It’s varnish is pretty dark, which is not very common.

Do you play any other instruments?
Kind of – I play viola, occasionally, but I also play on a period violin. I have a completely separate instrument, strung with gut strings and played on with either a baroque or a classical period bow. Laura Jones and I make up half of the Windermere String Quartet, on period instruments.

Music makes me feel ______.
Incredibly fulfilled – I get to give and receive so much, every day!