Queen Pepper is the complete package; She is a vocal powerhouse, accomplished songwriter and she graces the stage with a spellbinding magnetic pull. 

Queen Pepper’s penchant for music should come as no surprise, given her family background. Like so many great R&B and Jazz artists, the Toronto-based vocalist grew up singing in the church. “Music is in my family, and singing in church was my foundation,” she explains. 

Her vocal ability was apparent from an early age, and as a young teenager, she toured through Mexico, Hawaii and California. At that point, Queen Pepper didn’t think she would pursue music as a full-time career, “it was something fun, and I thought I was good at it”. It wasn’t until after she followed other interests and tried a few different career paths that she felt an undeniable tug at her heart. With a yearning in her soul, Queen Pepper knew there was something else for her. She went on to finish a degree in Jazz, and began singing in the downtown clubs of Toronto, melding her love of old Soul, R&B with Jazz. Queen Pepper has graced many festival stages , including, the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, TD Beaches Festival, Jazz on the Mountain, she has also joined the Hamilton Symphonic Orchestra alongside the Toronto Mass Choir.

Soon Queen Pepper was signed to indie label, Rocket Fuel Records, Inc. Gathering support of a strong team, Queen Pepper embarked on creating her newest project, which is launched with her first single “One Step Closer To Home” and full length album “True Stories, Vol.1“. 

The album of original music was recorded by Queen Pepper in East West Studios and The Village in Los Angeles, CA. Boasting a soulful blend of world-class musicians, the album features Vito Rezza on Drums, Tony Pulizzi on Guitar, Tal Wilkenfeld on Bass, Carey Frank on Keyboards, horns by Doug Webb and Tony Bonsera, background vocals by Grammy Award winner Keli Nicole Price and Grammy-nominated C.J. Emmons. The project was recorded by Dave Horner and mixed by Grammy-nominated, for Best Album, Riley Bell. The album was produced by Dave Antonacci for Rocket Fuel Records Inc.