Lance Ouellette joined the HPO as Associate Concertmaster in 2015 and has been featured as a soloist, chamber musician, and clinician throughout the Hamilton region sharing his love for music.

As an orchestral musician, Lance has been invited on concert tours performing in some of the most renown venues across Europe and abroad. Since 2003, Lance has been an Associate Concertmaster for the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony and is the Concertmaster for the Spiritus Ensemble. He has performed with Symphonies across Canada gaining a wide perspective of the vital role of the symphony orchestra within the community.

As an educator, Lance teaches violin for the University of Waterloo and is an active orchestral coach for youth orchestra programs across the region. A frequent adjudicator for the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals, Lance has travelled across Canada continuing the tradition of the yearly performances and competitions he was involved with while growing up in Saint John, NB. Lance continues to teach privately and has recently begun teaching for an online academy focused on the benefits of teaching violin combining modern technology.

Alongside his love for classical music, Lance enjoys recording/producing experimental music using the electric violin and a series of effect pedals. With a wide variety of styles available, the usual range of the violin is expanded in new directions with exciting discoveries unique to each project. Besides music, Lance enjoys golf, fishing, table tennis, and creative outlets such as fly-tying and painting.