From the time he picked up a violin at the age of 8, Jay knew he shouldn’t play the violin. Luckily, that phase only lasted until he discovered the Beatles, whereupon he switched immediately to guitar. Jay was fortunate to cut his teeth performing internationally as a tribute artist, playing and singing the Beatles’ catalogue aboard cruise ships as a Headline Entertainer. He has also played tribute to Paul McCartney and David Bowie throughout North America in theatres, casinos, and festivals. In addition to his time as a tribute performer, Jay has released two original EPs – Solar-Powered Love (2019) and Fall For Anyone (2020) – and released a 2021 single, Sorrow
When not writing, recording, or performing musically, Jay can also be found on stage this spring at London’s Grand Theatre, appearing in Theatre Aezir’s production of The Phoenix Lottery. Jay will appear on stage in London once more in June, when he will become a lawyer. Stay tuned for new music being released in 2023 and keep your eyes open for an opportunity to catch him on a stage near you!