The first concert of our new HPO Indie Series is fast approaching and we can’t wait to share this cross-genre experience with you. We’re excited not only for the music, but for the visual installation that will also take place during the performance with your HPO and Illitry.

This past weekend, we caught up with Reginald Hammond Moore, better known as “Reg” of Realtime Activities. Reg is a Hamilton-based, multi-disciplinary artist working in the areas of projection art, photography, music and new media. He has created visual installations for a number of events with the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Factory Media Centre, Artcrawl, Supercrawl, Casbah, This Ain’t Hollywood, Horseshoe Tavern and more. We’re thrilled to have Reg on board for our Indie Series concert on June 25. Here’s a quick Q&A on his latest project.

Q.  What draws you to the HPO’s new Indie Series?
Reg: I’m excited to be part of this project for a lot of reasons! I love Hamilton, was born and raised here and I’m happy for a chance to contribute to the arts almost any chance I get. We’ve got a great arts community and I’m proud to be a part of it. Music and art, especially when presented in a new and innovative way is always a treat.

Q.  Can you tell us more about the new media installation you have planned for this concert?
Reg: I’m hoping to do some interactive visuals including live video mixed with new digital responsive technology, site-specific media installation may include projection mapping, but everything happens in real time so you won’t know till I know.

Illitry refers to Reg as their “band member behind-the-scenes.” He often works on visuals for the band, as shown below in Illitry’s performance video for Born.

Q.  What kind of effect do you think the Indie Series will have on Hamilton’s music scene?
Reg: I love that HPO is reaching out and collaborating with local artists, branching out in style and approach. I think it will be great exposure for all parties involved, exposing each group’s audience to a new layer of experience.

Discover and share this exciting new concert experience. It’s all about Hamilton’s vibrant music scene. Your scene.

HPO Indie Series
Featuring Illitry
Thurs., June 25 at 7:30pm
Park St. Gasworks
(141 Park St. N., Hamilton)

About Reginald Hammond Moore/Realtime Activities
Reginald Hammond Moore is a Hamilton-based, multidisciplinary artist working in the areas of projection art, photography, music and new media. Through his site-specific media projections or installations, Moore pays homage to the past while creating new, time-based media works. He, under the brand name “Realtime Activities,” pushes the boundaries of digital media through complex visual experiences presented in an improvisational way before a live audience.

Click here for more information on Reg Moore and Realtime Activities, or visit Facebook and Twitter.