HPO Composer-in-Residence Abigail Richardson-Schulte hosts an educational adventure through Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, paired with the poetry and science that inspired the music. The Four Seasons concert experience will allow your students to explore poetry and the science of weather with the immersive sound of a full symphony orchestra, blending the arts with literacy and demonstrating how music can bring the elements of storytelling to life. Students will also learn about instruments and instrument families, as well as the important roles of the conductor and soloist.

Supplementary teaching materials will be provided.

The performance will be available to watch online, and on-demand starting Monday, May 30 until Monday, June 13, 2022.

Province of Ontario Curriculum Supplements 
  • Music: The Creative Process, Critical Analysis, Elements of Music 
  • Language Arts: Oral Communication and Reading 
  • Science and Technology: Matter and Energy, Structures and Mechanisms 

Please complete the below form and click ‘submit’ to book virtual access to The Four Seasons education concert for your entire school. An invoice will be sent at a later date.

If you are booking for homeschool students or a High Priority/Equal Opportunity school, please contact communications@hpo.org