The Performance

Gemma New and the orchestra collaborate with multi-media artist Amy McIntosh for a vivid evening of contemporary music at The Cotton Factory. We hear Gabriel Dharmoo’s sonic memories of India in Moondraal Moondru and the haunting meditation of the forests with Christopher Thornborrow’s Ghosts of Trees. Bekah Simms reflects on climate change in Remnant Shoreline. The ghost stories of China are the influence of Alexina Louie’s Demon Gate, creating a dark and stormy atmosphere.

As part of this concert experience, visual artist Amy McIntosh takes inspiration from Hamilton’s natural ecologies. Using cyanotype printmaking, sculpture and video, the artistic work will focus on the small things in nature that we overlook, that grow and become more efficient over time, building up to large forms and creating complex systems that nurture and sustain life.

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Concert Program

  • Cadu Verdan: Convergence*
  • Gabriel Dharmoo: Moondraal Moondru
  • Christopher Thornborrow: Ghosts of Trees
  • Bekah Simms: Remnant Shoreline
  • Alexina Louie: Demon Gate 

*HPO 22-23 Composer Fellow