The Performance

Music Director Gemma New conducts propulsive works accompanied by vibrant video installations created by Hamilton artist Andrew O’Connor. Paul Frenher’s Voluptuous Panic imitates the thrill of rollercoasters and fast cars while Juliet Palmer’s Foundry explores the sounds of metal transforming. Dragon Unfolding, composed by Kelly-Marie Murphy, portrays the drama of an origami dragon rising and taking flight. Luis Ramirez’s new work evokes an Aztec deity emerging from an ancient temple. The flow of water over Webster’s Falls inspires Abigail Richardson Schulte’s Downstream, while Jordan Pal’s On the Double offers a bright conclusion to the evening. 

*19-20 Composer Fellow 


Concert Program

  • Paul Frehner: Voluptuous Panic
  • Juliet Palmer: Foundry
  • Luis Ramirez*: Koatl
  • Abigail Richardson-Schulte: Downstream
  • Kelly Marie Murphy: Dragon Unfolding
  • Jordan Pal: On the Double: Concert Overture